IJSO 2017

Xylem Water Prize

Xylem Water Prize

As official sponsor of the International Junior Science Olympiad which will be hosted in the Netherlands this year, Xylem is providing an additional opportunity to participating students to show their talent and creativity in mastering today’s water challenges. Xylem Water Prize is a separate recognition from the International Junior Science Olympiad. The competition for the Xylem Water Prize is to create a 1 to 3 minute video in which students clearly state their answer to the question “How do you solve water?”.

International Xylem Water Prize

The International Xylem Water Prize is open to all students or teams who are registered to participate in the International Junior Science Olympiad 2017 (IJSO) and limited to one (1) entry per participating county. The international competition is open until November 17th. The winning team will be recognized as winner(s) of the International Xylem Water Prize and awarded an iPad (max. 6)  during the official IJSO opening ceremony on December 4, 2017.

The judging panel will be announced shortly.